Saturday, 2 June 2012

Back! ヾ(^∇^)


Ruki here! I'm back from a loooooong, unannounced hiatus~! eheheheh...
Sorry for being a bad blogger and not updating the blog... m(_ _)m

Well, today I'm gonna type a short post of my not-so-recent trip to Japan~
I'll post more details of my trip in the future as I review the items i bought (●´∀`●)
Here we go ~

I left for Japan on the 25th of March. My flight was at 5.30 in the morning, but i was unable to fall asleep in the plane as I was practically bursting with excitement!(*´∀`*)
After about 2 hours of listening to random music on the plane, I looked out of the window and was greeted by the beautiful sunrise

my first glimpse of Japan!
About another 4 hours later, I was off the plane~ My mum collected our "Rail Pass" and we're off to our hotel in Shinagawa. We hopped onto the first Narita Express* (can't remember the name of the train, but i think its the Narita Express) and it was another hour of boredom for me. Luckily, i had my Pokemon game to keep me occupied.

sorry for the slanted pictures... i can't seem to rotate it the right way...
When we arrived at Shinagawa, my mum and i decided to leave our lugagge in our hotel room and explore the area. After popping by a few shops, we bought dinner at a nearby supermarket located in a department store. The food was delicious! I had an assortment of sushi, some black-sugar-mochi-thing (it melts in your mouth!) and potato salad~ my mum had a bento which had really yummy rice♥ We also had croquette(☆^O^☆)
i had forgotten to take a picture before we ate >< 
the black thing on my tuna is a huge bean my mum found in her bento. look at the size of it!

the mochi-thing ;D
my mum also bought some strawberries
That concludes Day #1 of my stay in Japan~
I'll continue in my future posts, but im gonna write a review next so look out for it! (^▽^)
Until next time... (。・ω・)ノ゙

♥ ruki

P.S.: Here's a picture of Yama-chan cause he's my kawaii ichiban

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