Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Birthdays and Rainbow Eyes

Hello again!
This is a belated post dedicated to our dear RIIKO~
Well, last Saturday was RIIKO's birthday! RUKA and I celebrated it with her at Bugis! ♥
The theme was NEON or COLOURFUL so RIIKO, RUKA and I arrived dressed in as many as we can find and still look sane. ( o w o )
So here's some pictures of our ahemshamelessahem camwhore in the NEOPRINT machine we went to:
yes, I know I look ridiculously short here...
grr... I've got more muscles than you!
Riiko and Ruka wanted to do a punching shot but Riiko ended up laughing...
and I'm trying not to smile, but failed. Meh.
yah like my colourful bracelets?
neoprint lighting makes everyone look fairer ;3

final shot, and i was blinking halfway! Gah!

My make up for the day was RAINBOW to match the theme. ( o v o )
here's a close up shot:
i was trying to close my eyes and see if my camera has captured the shot at the same time.
hence, the weird look. bleh

its abit clearer here i guess...

I'm going to post a tutorial here when I do this look again. =w=
Maybe put a little more eyeliner? Hmm...
You should try this make up too! It pretty easy and really fun~

that's all for now, see ya!

♥ ruki

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Starry Hoodie - #BUGIS STREET

Hello ! RIIKO here :D
I got a new hoodie recently and it looks pretty awesome .
There were so many designs to choose from but i settled for the s t a r r y
Maybe i should go back and buy more >3<

Overall shot

Next time i will try out different mix-and-match styles with this hoodie.
I can't wait !!
My posts would probably be in varying shades of BLUE.

Based on the pics <<<<<<  you guys might notice that my skin tone is A WHOLE LOT darker than Riiko's and Ruki's. So.  RUKA IS GOIN' ON A MISSION. \(*A*\)
I reaaaaaally wanna get fairer, for cosplay AND personal reasons. I'm kinda new at this, so i'd appreciate any TIPS,TRICKS or PRODUCTS that you guys recommend :D

One of the several products i plan to try is Nivea's Body UV Whitening Serum with SPF 22.

Yup yupps. You can just leave your recommendations in the comments below.
I'll be uploading pictures weekly (hopefully) once i get startes, to chart my progress and I'll list any other products I decide to try out. C:

 ♥, Ruka