Sunday, 29 April 2012

New shirts :D

Hello ! RIIKO here. 
Sorry for not posting for a looong time. School has kept me really busy . >_>

Anyway, I bought some new shirts last month so here are some pictures :

I got this shirt for $15 from Bossini. I really like the turquoise color since it gives off this HAPPY vibe. 
This shirt matches well with jeans, or bermudas if you want a more street look. 

HEADPHONES shirt ! <3 I love love love this shirt a lot ! 
It was from PUNKSTAR - a pretty famous brand which is featured in magazines pretty often.
It was slightly more expensive but the quality of the shirt is really good so I still recommend it.

Lastly, I bought this new hair-tie from Novena Square. It is a cute fabric 
hair-tie that has a relatively simple design of small white polka dots. 
I used it today when I went out this morning. 

Heehee :}

That is all for now. I post more in the future when I find new styles to experiment with. 
Until then ~


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