Friday, 8 June 2012

Reunion Outing

We had a reunion outing to catch up with one another today because we are all in different schools now.
We had a yummy lunch at YOSHINOYA @ Bugis Junction and I ordered a salmon bowl while Ruki and Ruka ordered beef bowls. The student meal was quite worth it as it was $4.90 and came with a drink. 
Ruka and Ruki 
After lunch, we walked around Bugis Junction for awhile before going to take Neoprints. We tried the new machine today and it was quite stressful to squeeze into the small booth. ( Three more friends joined us ) The new machine had pretty neat features like the option to make you look slimmer by making you 'longer' and themed decorations to suit different types of outings/events. However, the neoprints turned out quite yellow. Maybe it was an option we pressed.
We choose the 'Girl's Day Out' theme to decorate our neoprints. :}

After neoprints, we took some photos in the booth, trying to copy the expressions of the models. Hahas! 
Here are some of the photos we took:



We went to Illuma after taking photos to see the new UNIQLO outlet which opened today. 
It was really crowded with a long queue to the changing rooms. I think the most impressive part of the sale was the jeans which only cost $20 . UNIQLO jeans for $20 was an amazing bargain and thus, Ruki went home today owning a new pair of olive colored jeans. 
While Ruka and Ruki walked around in UNIQLO, I went upstairs to visit the other shops like this casual Japanese boutique on level 3. I cannot remember the exact name of the shop, but it was just next to the escalator. 

I found an amazing blue vest there with a light blue stripped hood. The zipper was pretty unique as it was in the form of a keyring. I would have bought the vest if it was not so expensive. ( The vest cost $89.90 ) D:

We went back to Illuma after completing our shopping and went to sit down and chat at the food area in the basement level. It was really fun talking to everyone after so many months. I am glad that we could meet up despite our busy and very different schedules. 
I hope that we can have another outing soon !


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