Friday, 8 June 2012

Diamond Lash ~Green Tray~

Hello everyone!
It's RUKI here~
Today I'm here to post the review I promised, so here we go:

When i was in Japan, I was pleasantly surprised to find the new range of Diamond Lash lashes available at a popular discount store, Donki. The green tray range, リトルウィンクシリーズ(Little Wink Series), is a collection of natural looking lashes that is ever-so-slightly similar to Dolly Wink's Otona series. As the trays hung prettily on the rack, I couldn't help but grab a couple of them to try.(´∀`)
So, today's review would be on one of the lashes from the green tray series~

シークレット Eye (Secret Eye)
This set of lashes seems somewhat similar to Dolly Wink's Otona series in terms of length and volume, both of which these lashes do not have much of, which makes them perfect for school or work~ ヾ(´^ω^)ノ♪
The length of the lashes at the inner corners are perfect for me as they are not too long. the lashes graduate towards the ends where it emphasise on the length and volume which would help achieve the "Cat eye" look. The spine is wonderfully soft, but not too soft that it makes the lashes hard to apply, and transparent so that it will look more natural when applied. The fibres are not to dark like some lashes, which would further make the lashes seem more natural.(≧▽≦)They are also arrange in such way that the fibres extend from the spine in a "V" shape that makes the strands seem less uniformed and more natural-looking.
Overall, these as the most natural lashes i own! But they are fast becoming my favourite as they don't look too dramatic with light make-up and provide just enough length and volume to make your eye "pop". The lashes are also very easy to apply with the flexible spine. These are great for days where you want to dress up a little without going over the top~
Here are a few pictures of me wearing the lashes before i went to meet up with the other Kagayamis (´・ω・`):

Sorry for the blur picture... i was kinda in a rush ><
here's a better picture but the lighting is kinda wonky O_o
*closed eyes

first camwhore picture in awhile! xDD
yes...I have short fingers... D;
and here's the liz lisa dress i wore for the outing ♥
Packaging : 7/10 (kinda plain but it serves its purpose. Love the colour though!)
Value : 8.5/10 (Pretty cheap compared to other brands like Dolly Wink) 
Length : 6.5/10 (only long at the outer ends, but i think the length is perfect!)
Volume : 5/10 (hardly any volume, but its great for the natural look!)
Overall satisfaction : 8.5 (would definately buy again, but i think its only available in japan at the moment D;)
So, that's the end of my review~~~ see 'ya guys soon ♥

♥ ruki
P.S: i can't resist posting another picture of yama-chan...

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