Thursday, 7 June 2012

Great Singapore SAAAAALE (/*W*)/


I'm feelin super psyched and all happy-ed up 'cos...
b. Great Singapore SALE!! AAAAAAAAAAAAH! \\(>O<)//

YUP. So hopefully, more posts for you guys, and more hopping for everyone! ;D
Anyhow, as a sort of link to the GSS, I'm gonna post about stuff I got at Jurong Point today!
(actually, just 30min ago, haha).

kay so... clockwise from left:
Kiss Me Heroine Make Smooth Liquid Eyeliner Black #01
K-Palette 24H Real Lating Eyeliner WP [Super Black]
Voce Noda Accessories brush
Colour Combos Accessories nail file

I got everything except the Heroine Make eyeliner from Sasa! The Heroine Make is from Watsons(:

Currently, both these stores are having pretty awesome sales!! The K-Palette liner is originally SGD$19.90 but is on 20% sale in Watsons and Sasa, so now it's ~SGD$15.90! -GASP- Super awesome right?? Unfortunately, Heroine Make (SGD$18.90) and Dolly Wink do not have the same discount -sigh- But oh wellll...

I will be doing a comparative, 2-in-1 review of both these eyeliners soon. Ruki has already done one on the Dolly Wink liquid liner and K-Palette in black. To make it easier for you guys to gauge amongst these four liners, I'll be doing my review in a similar style. You can see her review here if you want (^v^)

Watsons is having a pretty awesome sale, with quite a lot of items on sale, so do check it out asap if you can! If you wait, all the good stuff will be snapped up (>A<) Like today, the K-Palette eyeliners, both [Black] and [Super Black], and the Dolly Wink liquid liners were gone. GONE. So hurry guys!

At Sasa, they also have a sale (called Pretty in Pink, I think) and there's quite a lot of good buys too! Sorry, I couldn't find a picture of the promotional poster, my bad... The K-Palette had 20% off in both stores, so you can go to either one, I suppose. Or just go to both and buy more, WAHAHAHA >;{>

So now, I just wanna blog about the brush I got. It was really cheap, only SGD$5.90 at Sasa, and the brush is pretty soft to the touch. Its also pretty dense, especially considering the relatively low price. I really like the design of it, as it ensures that the bristles are not caught when you cap it. The cap and size also make it pretty handy to tote around :3

So, onward to the pictures!!!!

The packaging is pretty neat! It's like zip lock bags(:

 To keep:
#1 Slide up the movable cannister thingy
(this keeps all the bristles nicely together!)

#2 Cap it down

#3 Press to "lock" it
(now, the bristles are in the cap, but none of them are caught, bent, etc.
Cool, eh? That's why I like the design 0f it)

Size comparison to my hand ;D

There are a lot of brushes recentl with the same cap design. If you want to bring a brush around, I would recommend these types for good storage (not necessarily this brush exactly). I think that it keeps the bristles clean cos of the cap, and it also makes sure that they are not bent out of shape in your pouch. The moveable cannister also prevents bristles from getting caught in the cap. AND, it's fun to play with XD haha so yeah.


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