Saturday, 9 March 2013

Circle Lens Review and New Hair

Hello! Its Ruki here!
I know, I MIA-ed again... I'm sorry... I'll try to post more :'<

Anyway, I'm back with a review!
As many of you know, circle lenses are an important part in achieving the gyaru look. They give a boost of dolly-ness to your eyes which makeup alone cannot achieve. So a comfortable yet eye-catching(no pun intended) pair of circle lenses are essential! I'm not an expert on this since I haven't tried many myself, but I'm quite confident that the Princess Mimi lenses are one of the best around. Which will lead us to today's review about the Princess Mimi series. They are a collection of circle lenses by Geo that was produced by gyaru icon, Tsubasa Masuwaka. Within Japan, they are known as the Bambi series. However, Geo repackaged them as the Princess Mimi series to be sold outside of Japan.

After reading several positive reviews about it, I caved in and got myself a pair from an optical shop in J-cube. I think that its safer to buy the contacts from a physical shop. Although the lenses would be cheaper from an online shop, your eyes are way more precious than the few dollars that you will save. So do get your lenses from a reputable shop.

The lenses are available in 4 different colours; Almond Brown, Apple Green, Chocolate Brown and Sesame Grey. All but the first are 15mm in diameter, which is 14.5mm. They are rather large so some eye makeup should be applied when you're wearing them. Your eyes would look really unnatural without some makeup to even it out. The first pair of lenses that I bought were in Sesame Grey and I loved them! They were striking yet, not overly obvious that you would look like an alien with it. The colour blended well with the dark brown of my irises and somehow managed to look natural! Well, as natural as grey eyes can get that is. Its really comfy too! I could wear them for 12 hours with no problems at all! I won't recommend wearing them for more than 8 hours if you can help it though, your eyes need oxygen. The optical shop informed me that the contacts are only good for a month, so remember to throw them away when they're due! I liked the first pair so much than i went to buy a second pair ;D

This is what the bottle the lenses came in looks like:

Had to edit the picture to make it brighter because of the bad lighting ><

Some pictures of the grey lenses:
1) natural light
2) indoor white light
3) indoor yellow light

The second pair I got was in Chocolate Brown. They were, as many other reviews may have already said, a dark brown with a reddish tinge. This may scare away some people but don't worry! Under normal lighting, the reddish-ness isn't very obvious, its only really visible under really bright lights. I don't think that many of you would go around staring at the glaring sun right? So no problems there.

This is me wearing it:
All pictures were taken under artificial indoor lighting
Comfort: 9.5/10 (super comfy! But can get dry after very long hours)
Vibrance: 6.5/10 (bright enough to be seen, but subtle enough to look natural)
Enlargement: 7/10 (these are 15mm lenses so the give plenty of dolly-ness without the alien-ness)

That pretty much sums it up. Moving on~
Have you guys seen Tsu-chan's new hair?? It's super cute! She had pastel purple and pink extensions added to her golden blond locks and I think that i suits her very well ;D
Pictures were taken from Tsubasa's blog!
When I first saw the pictures, I knew that I wanted to have my hair done like hers. So I scurried to my usual salon and showed my stylist the pictures. She assured me that she could do it, but she only had pink dye on hand so I couldn't have any purple. Oh well. I'll just get pink then.

After 5 butt numbing hours (Thank you for accompanying me Ruka ;'D) my hair was done!

Yay! Highlighted hair! I coloured my hair instead of using extensions because the ones they sell in Singapore are quite ugly. They shine like a disco ball. I got it done for about SGD$260? It's okay i guess.

 More shameless pictures Dx
I got a new pair of shorts from lowrys farm! They were originally $93.90 but i got them at a sale price of $34.90 ;D
I feel so proud of this purchase...! Maybe I'll wear them when I meet Ruka on Monday? Hm...

See you guys soon!