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HEY ALL! Yup, as promised, I'm back with my HADA LABO review!! (/*W*)/
yeah, so today is all about the


 tadaaaa~ ~ !

 as well as the


  my "milk bottle" XD


According to the bottle, it is a hydrating lotion that gives instant hydration and has Nano + Super Hyaluronic Acid (more info on the back label). It retails at Watsons (once again, mine is from the JCube outlet) @ SGD 22.90 for 170ml.

I find that with this product, a tiny bit is enough for my whole face, since it is VERY moisturising (I use less lotion than toner, to give you an estimation). At first, the consistency is a little like water, but upon application, feels rather oily, to some extent. When patted on, it has a slightly sticky finish, but that feeling disappears quickly so my skin feels very... uh.... BOUNCY?? yeah. And moisturised. It lasts me quite long, after a long ten hours outside/at school, my face still doesn't feel dry when i get home (>O<) So yes, it does work well.

However, I do have a skin condition, eczema, which sometimes results in extreme dryness, occassionally on my face. When that happens, I feel like I need to drown my face in moisturiser, or else it feel itchy and dry. EWWWW...

Luckily, Hada Labo is pretty good, so nowadays I just supplement the lotion with

I pat it on AFTER the lotion, to give my skin an extra moisturising boost C:
It works pretty much the same way as the lotion, but the texture is creamier, more like most moisturisers on the market. It also retails for SGD 22.90 at Watsons, but for 140ml (the bottle is a leeeetle smaller).

And as opposed to the "INSTANT HYDRATION" lotion, the milk aims to "REPLENISH MOISTURE" (more long-lasting, i guess?). I do feel that the moisturiser alone does help my skin a lot, so it's a pretty good buy too, despite the smaller size. But more tight budgeted people should probably go for the lotion, I think, as it is also really hydrating.

Packaging-wise, the ones I got came with "security seals", like this:

looks kinda like normal adhesive tape with words, eh?

 It just helps you make sure its unopened I guess... Not much else to say, pretty basic plastic bottle + label packaging. But  I think the size makes it pretty big for short vacations/trips though (most of my previous moisturisers were in small tubes). But it means it lasts longer, especially cos so little is used each time. Anyway, you can always just decant it into a tinier bottle, so thats not really an issue, hmm. -shrugs- So... yeah. Decent packaging, but nothing special.


LOTION / MILK (since both are about the same standard to me)

Packaging: 6/10
Moisturisation: 9.5/10
After-effect: 8.5/10 (slightly oily, then sticky)
Value-for-money: 7.5/10 (kinda ex, but it's GREAT and from JAPAN! OWO)
Overall: 8/10 (aka PRETTY DARN AWESOMEEEE)

TOTALLY RANDOM, but I had a dance performance today. It went pretty well, here are some camwhore pics XD  I took some with my friends too, but since I don't have permission to put their pics online (plus I'm too lazy to ask), you'll just have to be content with my face, haha (>x<)
my eye make-up for the dance! <3

MY OUTFIT for contemporary dance C;


will you keep my secret?


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