Tuesday, 24 April 2012


Heya! It's Ruka again ^^ Sorry bout the lack of posts, we've all been trying to settle down into our new schools. Anyhow, I look like a sick chicken now (flu/runny nose/headache killer combo) so not many pics in this post, heh (>_<)

Bet the title makes you go: WHAT IN THE HOOZLES IS THAT??! Haha, I'll be reviewing... the BIORE PORE PACK.
Vacuum! Get it? XD

And look out for my HADA LABO INSTANT HYDRATION lotion + milk review in about... a week? Yeah. |:{D

So. The Biore Pore Pack (/*0*)/

I bought mine from Watsons (@ the newly opened JCube!), 1 pack = 10 strips + FREE Biore UV Bright Face Milk SPF 50++

the packaging (from Japan! ^^)

 each strip in a metallic sachet

 gah, bad skin. and yes,  I have bangs now (duhhh, look ^)

As you can see, there are little slits on the strip. They help to fit the shape of your nose better. For those who don't know how to use the pore strip and cannot read the instructions (the ones on mine are in Jap), here are the basic steps:

#1 Open the sachet and take out the strip WITHOUT removing the clear adhesive film
#2 Wet your nose thoroughly
#3 Remove the film from the strip and...
#4 STICK!!
#5 Wait 10-15min before removing
#6 IMPORTANT. Use toner to seal the open pores, or else they'll get clogged up again faster.

Overall, I gotta say this product works pretty well, and "sucks" up a lot of the dirt/blackheads/etc. (get the vacuum ref now? hee hee)

Sorry, I can't remember the exact price, but it was pretty cheap. Definitely worth a try if you have blackheads around the nose area, LIKE ME D: Haven't tested the Face Milk thingy yet though, hmmm.... Might combine it with the Hada Labo? Depends, i guess.

Anyhoooooo~~ That's all I got today, sorry it's short!


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