Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Contact us? C:

Hey chickies, duckies an' jellies! <3
Ruka here! Sorry I haven't updated, school's started and I kinda forgot how hectic
it could be, geez. Hope you guys are doing good? Anyway, apart from the comments
cbox (thanks for all the comments btw) you guys can contact all of us through
me on Facebook(; I will pass on the message to the others. My FB name
is Ruka Kagayami! If you guys would rather we opened up a Ramunepop FB page by
itself, please leave a comment ON THIS POST and not in the cbox. This is
to make sure we don't miss any comments. All your comments and stuff are reeeeally
appreciated, THANKS Y'ALL!!!! :{D

Also, money has been pretty tight for me these past 2 months, especially cos
my dad got hospitalised and stuff. He's better now, yup. Anyhoo, cos I really kinda
need the moolah, I'll be selling some of my stuff on FB. If you guys are interested,
please PM or FB message me! Here are some pics of some of the stuff I'm selling:

 Other stuff also include Skin79 VIP GOLD BB Cream, other clothes and makeup items!
Hope you guys will respond o(#^V^#)o and hope things are going well for y'all!



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