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CANDYDOLL Base Makeup~♥

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I've been really lazy lately ;<

But I'm back with a review! Today's product will be the CandyDoll Makeup Base and Mineral Powder~
These have been a staple in my makeup regime for a few months now and I'm ready to share my thoughts about them.
First up will be the CandyDoll Makeup Base in shade 01.
ingredients list :>
Before I talk about the product itself, let me gush over how cute the packaging is! The pink tube came housed in a pastel purple box with the brand name prettily printed at the top. I just love the way they printed the words and candy 
The tube itself however... I don't really like it. Maybe its the colour they chose or something but it kinda reminds me of those toy makeup which I would paint on my Barbie doll's face when I was a kid. Or the play makeup that smells like plastic.
Despite looking like play makeup, the product inside is pretty awesome. The makeup base comes out pink, but don't worry! you won't end up looking like Jigglypuff! It's texture is like cream, but more watery and it feels very light on your face.
When you spread it, it casts a slight pink-ish, white-ish tint which may be a turn off for some people. I like it though! Because it would make my face seem fairer and less yellow? (I'm Chinese) There are also many tiny shimmery particles in it. I'm not a big fan of glitter, but this product's glitter pieces are so small that i had a hard time picking it up with my camera... They are also mostly unnoticeable so no one cant really see them unless they are staring really intently at your face. However, the simmers would subtly make your face more radiant, which is a plus in my books.
The product contains 30 SPF which is enough for me if I'm only going to school or shopping with friends~ It would also save me some time as I would not have to put an additional layer of sunblock :D My makeup lasts all day when I wear this with the CandyDoll Mineral Powder!(which I will talk about later) When I get home from school or an outing trip, my makeup would look almost exactly like how I left the house! My nose would still be slightly oily, but its much better than when I was using the Skin79 Diamond All Day Sun Powder. 
The makeup base would also make the makeup products that i use afterwords more vibrant. I would usually apply the makeup base before the mineral powder, then contour and blusher. When I use this, I would only need to swipe the pan of the blusher and contour once for the colour to show. Whereas without it, I would need to swirl my brushes a few more times to get the desired colour.
The thing I don't really like about this makeup base is that it smells faintly of sunblock. It doesn't bother me much as it goes off after awhile but its just a small annoyance.
Each tube comes with 30g of product, which is quite expensive considering that I paid $30 for it. It retails at $37.90 at Watsons but I got it when CandyDoll was having a 20% discount ;D
I would probably repurchase this only when I go to Japan,where it would probably be cheaper.
Or when there is another sale. 
Overall, I would give this a 8/10

The next product that I will talk about is this:
Sorry for the blur picture! D;
ingredients again~
This powder came in the strangest box that i had ever seen.
The box opens from the top and when you peek inside, the round tub of powder would be waiting for you sitting on this weird "U" shaped cardboard thing. I don't know what purpose this piece of cardboard would serve, but I ignored it and eagerly took the tub out. The packaging was lovely as usual, as expected from Tsubasa! The black and white stripes made the box look really fun!

Now on to the "house" of the product~
The lid of the tub has the same black x white stripes as the box with the brand's name and candies printed in the middle. I really like the fonts! The tub itself was rather small, but felt slightly heavy. I think that this is because they used a thick plastic to make the tub, which can be seen from the second picture.

When you take off the lid, you would see that a puff is included and that the holes are sealed for hygiene purposes. The puff feels wonderful on my skin~ its so soft! I don't use it to apply the powder though, my trusty kabuki brush spreads the powder more evenly.

The holes are rather large, so tap gently to get the product out! or you'll end up with a big mess like me when I was too excited to start using the powder.

Here, you can see that the powder is very finely milled and extremely easy to blend. It has a yellow-y, beige-y tone so i this would probably suit Asian skin more.
When blended, the powder would give a slight beige tint so that it would set your base makeup without ruining the colour. This one has no glitter in it but if you are a fan of the shinnies, CandyDoll also has another version of this powder that has shimmers!
Paired with the CandyDoll makeup base, these products control oil very well as I only noticed slight shine on my nose at the end of the day.
The powder holds up really well as I didn't find myself needing to touch up during the day, so this product deserves a 9/10!
the only downside of this powder is the price. Its crazy expensive! I think that this retails at $33.90 at Watsons! No matter how I look at it, it doesn't really justifies the price tag so only get this in japan or when there's a BIG sale!

This would be the end of my review~
You can skip this part if you don't want to read about me rambling about my day with RUKA :D
Yesterday, Ruka and I went shopping at Plaza Singapura! Not the most exciting place in Singapore, but we wanted to visit the not-so-newly opened JRunway that opened on the 29th of October.
Excuse my messed up hair. Ruka looked really pretty here and we had a mini rainbow at the corner!
They have brought in many brands from Japan that we can usually see from magazines like popteen~ Brand that I saw include EMODA and VANQUISH. Ruka and I were really happy browsing through rows and rows of clothing, until we saw the price tag. There was a dress that I really liked but it cost SGD$139. O.O
I couldn't afford it at the moment as I'm saving up for my trip to Japan so I had to give it a pass ;<
Right at the end of the stare was a makeup and accessories corner. There is an area for you to try out the makeup and style your hair! Just like SBY in Japan!
After browsing several other store in Plaza Singapura and having some yummy takoyaki and bubble tea, we decided to get some soup at Mos Burger and just catch up.
just chilling~
 Our soup~
 Ruka and her pretty butterfly shirt~
...and some random guy at the back.
 me being a glutton
 Ruks's bag that he brother got her 
my new tattoo stocking thing
After awhile, it was time to go home so that the end of our day 

See you guys in my next post!(which would hopeful come soon ><)

makeup for the day~

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