Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Urban Decay Primer Potion Review

HEYA! It's Ruka again!! Yay for double posting XD
(please check out my other post, thanks!)
Ok, so today's product is one that I've been using for about 1 or 2 years now, and I
have absolutely NO IDEA why I haven't reviewed it till now, haha (>w<)
So, introducing the... ... ...

urban decay eyeshadow primer potion
professional size (25ml)

I got this waaay long ago, and this seriously lasts FOR-FREAKING-EVER.
I know they have a few versions, like the one that comes out in a cream, nude colour.
That's for people who put on brighter colours and stage makeup I guess. It makes the colours
stand out more because of the base colour. The one I use and will be reviewing is the
one that blends in colourlessly, though it has a nude colour at first.

creamy, almost BB cream-like texture

I know it looks in the pic to have some colour and a kinda shiny sheen, but it really 
doesn't once you blend it out properly.

The packaging is a screw on squeeze tube kinda thing. It's purple with a metal cap.
It doesn't really let air in, so the product shouldn't dry up, but the salesgirl also told me
MAKE SURE YOU CLOSE IT TIGHT! So yeah. But I like the squeeze tube, cos its
more hygienic, though it is kinda plain...

The nozzle is also thin so you won't really have to worry about over squeezing. A little
does go a long way for this one so just be careful anyways.

I really like it cos it makes my eyeshadows last all day, for real. Especially if you have
oily eyelids and/or teary eyes this really helps! Sometimes I'm too lazy to apply it
and I find that my eyeshadows and even eyeliner flakes off and don't last as long. I used this for
prom and it still held strong despite all the dancing etc.

Ratings time!

Packaging: 7/10   plain, but serves the purpose
Long-lasting: 9/10   yup yupps!

Can't remember price, sorry!!

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