Friday, 30 December 2011

Candydoll Lipstick in Ramune Pink

Hello everyone!

Its RUKI again;D
Today's post would be about a certain product that I have been dying to try out since forever;


yes, the colour of the lippy is very much like the name of this blog ^^;
maybe that's where i subconsciously got the name from...

So, here's a picture of the packaging:

sorry i couldn't take a better picture... i was in a rush
I picked up this baby at the Watsons Sale I blogged about in my previous post. Although the lipstick didn't have a discount, I was not deterred from forking out $25.90 for it. >;3
The first thing we see that stands out on the package is the lovely photo of TSUBASA MASUWAKA, my most favourite favourite favourite gyaru model of all time ;DDDD
I love Tsubasa so much that i practically worship her. xDD
Moving on from my sad fangirling moment...
i always wanted to have the sweet, pale pink-y lips that we see in gyaru magazines like Popteen (our favourite). But the colour was always rather had for me to achieve since the natural colour of my lips are rather dark, light colours would not show up on my lips. Also, i didn't really want to apply concealer on my lips every time I apply lip colour as it is quite a hassle.

Hence, i decided to try out this lippy as i have seen many gyaru models using this(and for Tsubasa on the box :x) to have the lovely pale pink lips.
Without further ado, i present to you...... :

more pictures of the packaging!  (o x o)
See the pretty pink colour at the topright hand corner??

Okay, enough of the packaging, lets get to the lipstick  itself (o v o) :

The lippy comes it a glossy, black 'container' (I don't know what to call it... D;) with silver vertical stripes and the brand's name printed on the top cover. I like the general design of the 'container' as the black and silver combination give the lipstick a somewhat classy look. I especially like the satisfying 'click' sound the cover makes when the cap is being shut ;3 Its rather fun to play with. However, the light plastic used for the cover makes it feel somewhat cheap. ;(

The pictures are taken under artificial indoor lighting.
I couldn't capture the true colour of the lipstick due to the lighting. The colour is actually lighter in real life. But I would take a picture of the lipstick under natural sunlight when I get the chance ;D
When I first took out the lippy, I was kinda disappointed as the colour didn't come close to what I was expecting. It was a dull pink rather than a light pink-y shade that I had pictured. But I decided to try on the lipstick anyways as I had paid good money for it ;)

(from top left: NYX lip gloss in BABY PINK, Canydoll lipstick in RAMUNE PINK, mix of lip gloss and lipstick)
When I first applied the lipstick to my hand, I was surprised at the smooth, buttery texture of the product. It glided easily onto my hand and the colour was very pigmented. The colour above was obtained after only one swatch.
Natural colour of my lips

Colour of lips after applying the lipstick

After applying lip gloss, couldn't really capture the glossy-ness...

trying to capture the gloss...
I was pleased to see that my lips had turned to a pretty pink shade, although it was not all that close to the one Candydoll boasted on their packaging. My sister suggested that maybe it was because they applied concealer on the model's lips before smacking on the lipstick. the theory seems plausible, so i tried on the lipstick with concealer applied beforehand:
Natural lip colour

Lipstick with concealer

with lip gloss
I noticed that while I was putting on lip gloss, it was rather hard to evenly apply the gloss to my lips as it was quite...sticky and the wand of my lip gloss kept tugging at my lips. I guess that after I applied concealer, the amount of products on my lips was rather think, making it hard to apply the gloss. but the colour I got was gloser to the one in the picture! Yay!

I would definitely use this lipstick often;D But without the concealer. I love the colour of it

Packaging : 6.5/10 (not a fan of the cheap plastic)
Value : 8.5/10 (a tiny bit too pricey for my student budget range) 
Pigmentation : 8.5/10 (really quite pigmented)
Overall satisfaction: 8/10 (really like the product but disappointed as the colour did not meet my expectations)

To end off, I'll post some ahemshamelesscamwhoreahem pictures of myself with the lipstick. Please ignore my ugly smudged up make up. D; Just came home after being dragged out by my mummy...

Until next time~  

♥ ruki
P.S.: none of my photos have been edited, so pardon me if they're ugly. D:


Thursday, 29 December 2011


Heyyyys(: RUKA here! Sorry, this isn't my Japan trip post yet, I can't find the camera and my parents are out of town  D;

Anyhow, today, we had an outing to celebrate the end of the year and also to say good bye to one of our good friends, Neko. She's moving off to London to study. (TAT) Miss her already... We went to Orchard to shop around, take a bunch of neoprints, etc... The dress code was CHECKEREDRuki and I wore checkered skirts and Riiko wore a checkered jacket (^v^)

Here are some pics ^^

Riiko & I (:

Ruki & Riiko 

Ruki & Neko-chan ;D

yup. we were camwhoring in the neoprint booth, hence the green background, heh heh.

Waiting at the hair salon for Riiyuki's hair extensions

Meet Bobo-kun, my blue elephant XD

Eye makeup for the day, check out my falsies:


Yup, so that's all for today, folks! Till next time,


Wednesday, 28 December 2011



Its been a while! well, a very long while.... heh? -ahemahem-
So, today, RUKA and i went shopping!
There was an awesome sale at Watsons;D
It was a freaky sale I tell you. ;O
when Ruka and i went to the outlet at Bugis Junction, the place was packed!
I didn't manage take a photo of the crowd though ;(
But there were some pretty good deals;D
Dolly Wink lashes go for $19.90 now instead of the usual $24.90 so it is the perfect chance to go stock up on a few boxes. heheh

So here's a snapshot of our haul:

Ruka and I spent a total of $192.70
We dont have to eat for the next few days ;(
RUKA: ah well, diet ;)

So yeah, I would post a review on the products in the next few posts ;)

See 'ya;D

to end off, i'll post a picture of the neoprints we took 8D

♥ R U K I 

Monday, 26 December 2011

Checkered Jacket

Hello ! Riiko here.
Merry Christmas everyone! To add to the festive mood, I bought a new red checkered jacket from GIORDANO. The jacket is really comfortable and the hood is really cool too. Here are some pictures:

close up of the checkered pattern

I cannot wait to wear this jacket more often. :D

Saturday, 17 December 2011

EOY 2011

HEYA! <3 Ruka here!!
17/12/11 -- also known as End Of Year (EOY) Cosplay Event!! YEAH! so, this year, the Ramunepop crew decided to do air gear characters. I was Mikan, Riiko was Akito and Ruki was Agito!

Agito froggy hoodie version


Yup! so, we had our work cut out for us as we were all super busy, even after our major exams, the GCE 'O' levels. OUR OUTFITS ARE ALL HAND MADE/SEWN/PAINTED (>o<). So here are some pics of the work that went into our costumes and the results (plus some camwhoring...). ENJOY! (:


The girl on the far right is our friend, cosplaying Simca, also from Air Gear(:


\(#*w*#)/ hope you guys enjoyed this update despite it being short... This is why we've been too busy to update! Oh, and look out for my next post, which will cover my trip to Japan at the start of December!!

~ Ruka