Saturday, 17 December 2011

EOY 2011

HEYA! <3 Ruka here!!
17/12/11 -- also known as End Of Year (EOY) Cosplay Event!! YEAH! so, this year, the Ramunepop crew decided to do air gear characters. I was Mikan, Riiko was Akito and Ruki was Agito!

Agito froggy hoodie version


Yup! so, we had our work cut out for us as we were all super busy, even after our major exams, the GCE 'O' levels. OUR OUTFITS ARE ALL HAND MADE/SEWN/PAINTED (>o<). So here are some pics of the work that went into our costumes and the results (plus some camwhoring...). ENJOY! (:


The girl on the far right is our friend, cosplaying Simca, also from Air Gear(:


\(#*w*#)/ hope you guys enjoyed this update despite it being short... This is why we've been too busy to update! Oh, and look out for my next post, which will cover my trip to Japan at the start of December!!

~ Ruka

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