Wednesday, 28 December 2011



Its been a while! well, a very long while.... heh? -ahemahem-
So, today, RUKA and i went shopping!
There was an awesome sale at Watsons;D
It was a freaky sale I tell you. ;O
when Ruka and i went to the outlet at Bugis Junction, the place was packed!
I didn't manage take a photo of the crowd though ;(
But there were some pretty good deals;D
Dolly Wink lashes go for $19.90 now instead of the usual $24.90 so it is the perfect chance to go stock up on a few boxes. heheh

So here's a snapshot of our haul:

Ruka and I spent a total of $192.70
We dont have to eat for the next few days ;(
RUKA: ah well, diet ;)

So yeah, I would post a review on the products in the next few posts ;)

See 'ya;D

to end off, i'll post a picture of the neoprints we took 8D

♥ R U K I 

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