Monday, 17 June 2013

Hello! This is my first post on the blog, 
I am a little slow but I still manage to use this blog!>3<
I am the 4th member of RamunePop ! 
Not really familiar with Japanese stuff but I am slowly learning!:D

Like Ruki, Riiko and Ruka , I love cosplaying and shopping! Especially looking for cheap buys! XD 

I spent around $60 on all my clothes here haha! Excluding a corset top I bought also!

Where did I get all these clothes??!



Simple tips for shopping with a small budget!

1st: Plan what you want to buy! XD
2nd: Don't sidetrack from what you want to buy!
3rd: Always walk around first before buying.
 Example : Shop A has 3 for $10 deal and you rush for it without realizing that Shop B a few stalls further down the stretch of road, there is a 4 for $10 deal!>,<
4th: Always check the quality of the clothes! 
(Pull the sides,scrutinize the seams, Check for stains , ask for new piece if possible , if you have too ; Sniff the clothes to see if it stinks)
5th: At Bugis Street, Try not to spend more than $10 on a top unless it is really elaborate or impossible to find!

There are many Japanese type clothing in Bugis Street that are of a great deal! Especially now! Since it is GSS and all!

Thats all for my first post!


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