Wednesday, 29 May 2013

HEY GUYS! Ruka here again(: We're all really sorry for not updating again, but we've all
been preparing for exams D; In fact, I have a paper tomorrow... Gahhhh. -stress-
Anyhow, I've come to do a post on one of my favourite ever places
to shop...


Yup yupps, the Chinese website most cosplayers and cheapos
know about. For those who don't know, it's a Chinese site that sells like
freaking EVERYTHING, from household utensils to computer
mouses to clothes, costumes, props and makeup! You can visit it later
here .

I recently went on 2 taobao sprees, one personal, and one cosplay
group one with RUKI and Riikyuki [ I think y'all should kinda know her by
now from previous refernces ] (:

Today I'm just gonna share on the stuff I bought from Taobao, and
about how to order stuff from there. Unfortunately for people who have limited
to no knowledge of Mandrin Chinese, the website is completely in
that language. I think you can Google for translated sites? And
a lot of times I also Google translate certain things that I'm looking for. Yeah,
the accuracy sure isn't 100%, but it works.

Stuff should take about a month to arrive by sea and a fortnight by
air, whichever you choose. Singaporeans can choose to order through
agents; there are plenty of awesome ones to be found on sgcafe forums.
Others can Google for sprees/agents in their respective areas I guess...
Direct link:

Just browse around for the best rates. Make sure to check the shipping
rates! Some have great exchange rates, but sky-high shipping
charges. Some also have agent fees, so it largely depends on what
you're buying. Most things on Taobao are seriously DIRT CHEAP.
Drawbacks include poorer quality (all made in China, and might not
be the best quality), and shipping. But risks are expected, and for
the price I paid, I'm certainly not complaining. Also do note that for a lot of
clothing, I have noticed that their sizes do run a bit small, so be careful of what
size you order!

Now, onto the haul!

#1 iPhone 5 Rilakkuma case

 the shipping packaging
(I think all items came in this)

more packaging 

FINALLY! The box with the case(:


It's the silicone type, which I wasn't expecting, cos it looked like the hard,
plastic-y kind in the photo,
BUT IT"S OK, cos I actually wanted this type! ;D

#2 Cat ear headband (present for RUKI)

Dunno if you can tell, but it's actually a pretty
rose-gold kind of colour!

the back

zoomed view of the pearls

It feels and looks pretty sturdy, and all the pearls look quite secure as
well, so I'm really pleased with it(: Overall, it looked darn good, hahaha

#3 Panda bag (present for RUKI)

looks quite well-made, sorry I forgot to take more pictures!

#4 Black pannier (for some cosplan)

Not sure why they felt the need to protect it in a box /:
Maybe so it won't be squished too badly?

forgive the fat legs, ok?

 circle skirt, so it poofs uniformly (:

 lining, so it's not really itchy(:

#4 Black skater skirt (pleather, I think?)

all nicely folded (:


Can't really tell in pics, but it is! -sad face-

without pannier

with pannier! Noticeably poof-ier, YAY

#5 Floral (Korean schoolbag-inspired) backpack

gauze dust bag thingy

pretty prints!

you have to "unlock" it before you unzip it.
Safety level UP haha

closer view of the print

padded to maintain the shape. and straps
are inside

not very thick, but true to picture, so I expected it

playing with the dust bag thingy, hur hur

BY FAR MY FAVE PURCHASE! Haha super happy with it(: Hope
you guys will get a chance to shop on Taobao and be happy
with your purchases too! Stay tuned, cos I have one more haul post in
the works and 2 more reviews for June <3


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