Monday, 8 October 2012

We meet again!

Hello everyone! 

Sorry for not updating for so long. We were really busy with school and exams.
Our exams just ended, so to celebrate we decided to have an outing !

We went to Plaza Singapura and ate lunch at 'The Soup Spoon'. Have you eaten there before? I ordered a tuna and mayo sandwich which cost $7.90. It was quite yummy and filling. The bread kept falling apart though. Ruka ate lunch already so she did not order anything while Ruki ordered mushroom soup with sourdough bread. 

She wondered if sourdough bread smelled sour. Hahas! :D 

After lunch, we walked around Plaza Singapura for awhile before going to the Neoprint booth to take a few pictures and talk. Here are some pictures:

Cheese! Our hair colors are so different !

Playing with Ruka's iphone 5 camera . Its good for taking photos like this!

After taking photos, we took the train to Junction 8 in Bishan so check out the price of Pokemon Black & White 2. For all the pokemon newbies out there, Pokemon is a classic. My childhood. The epitome of GBA RPG-adventure games. For more information on BW2, check out the official website here:

Ruki bought Pokemon Black 1 today while I reserved Pokemon Black 2 so that I can come back and buy it on saturday. I can't wait to play! :D 

All in all, I had a  g r e a t  time today . I am really glad that we could meet up after so long ! Thats all for now, stay tuned!


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