Monday, 2 July 2012

Back to BLACK

Hey y'all! It's time for another reviewwwwwwww (Y)
Yup! Today's post is titled "Back to BLACK" since it's a comparative liquid eyeliner review similar to the one Ruki did, titled BLACK, which you can view here C:

Today's review will feature the Heroine Make Smooth Liquid Eyeliner BLACK #01 and K-Palette 24H Real Lasting Eyeliner WP [Super Black].


These are the packagings for the eyeliners, the Heroine Make one (HM) on the left and the K-Palette (K-P) on the right. The packagings were all in Japanese, but an English transation was stuck on so if you want more info on the individual eyeliners, just take a peek at the back <: You can get both of 'em at Watsons, KP @ SGD$19.90 and HM @SGD$18.90. KP is also available at Sasa, where i got mine(:

The Heroine Make one is a little more extravagant, with a pink quilt design on it. It also advertises its super-fine pen tip (0.1mm) on the front. The K-Palette has a more minimalist approach to its packaging. It's simple, just black and red.

For this review, for all swatches, package shots etc., KP will always be on top for simple reference. LET'S START (>v<)////

HM's "pop open" type casing kinda reminds me of DollyWink Lash cases ^^
= easy to open, yay!

Sorry, didn't take pics of the KP one, heh... Basically just a box type. So it's also easy to open.

They're actually exactly the same size! -gasp-

As you can see, the HM one is a pretty maroon colour with gold designs. KP keeps it simple, just black and whitish-silver(:

KP has a longer tip though...

The KP tip seems to separate more easily as well, though not by much. Or it could just be because I use it more often? hmmm -shrugs-

The HM one is finer and just sliiiiightly more pigmented.

Honestly, though, the difference isn't all that big and I find the K-Palette one smoother to apply. Also, since it's so fine, the HM one takes longer to get the same effect as KP. But I guess if you are the type to like drawing REALLY FINE eyeliner, then go for the HM one.

Smudge Test!!

Same as Ruki, I rubbed the lines vigorously with my fingers. Both flaked quite a bit, but the KP one held up a lot better. Besides, I rubbed pretty hard and I don't think anyone does that to their eyes, makeup or not ('''._.) So chances are, they won't ever fade to this extent. In any case, they are only roughly... 10(?) cm long, so you can always just carry it around for a quick touch up!

Waterproof-ness Test!

Held my hand under running tap water and then rubbed gently. As can be seen both flaked, but once again, KP hed up better. As in the before test, this is also pretty unrealistic for a test since none of us will end up with our eyes under a constant, relatively heavy downpour and then rub them, in my opinion. So... yeah. Same with the above, you can always touch up anyway.

In the end, the winner for both tests is...

But I think the Heroine Make one is pretty darn awesome too! I won't rate them since I think the effectiveness of the liners largely depends on your skin type and preference. I do encourage you guys to give them both a try, and see what works for you. I think that's the most important thing. Some of you may not even like liquid liners! So in the end, read many reviews, ask around, then make an independent decision.

Oh, and if any of you were curious, I briefly borrowed Ruki's K-Palette in Black while we were out on an outing for a quick comparison.

The SUPER BLACK (mine, bottom) is slightly bigger than the BLACK (Ruki's, top).

The only difference we could find was the size and the "WP",
in terms of packaging.

A light swatch: Super black acutally is black-er! ^^

GOOD LUCK GIRLS (and guys?) <3,


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