Friday, 19 July 2013

Karuta Roromiya Makeup

Hey y'all! It's Ruka again(: Think you guys must be sick of me already,
haha... Anyhow, today's post is about my makeup for my Roromiya
Karuta (Inu x Boku SS) cosplay. I did the maid version, which basically looks
like this:

Disclaimer: TOTALLY NOT A MAKEUP GURU. In fact, I rarely wear makeup. Hello,
school yo. So yeah. Not too good at it yet, just sharing and trying to improve.

Cute right? My eyes are actually pretty small naturally (stereotypical, I know).
Also, they're almond-shaped and slightly slanted. To me, Karuta's eyes look
"boxy" and slightly droopy. And infinitely larger than mine. Yes. Anyway. I tried
to do that, and this was the result!

I managed to make my eyes a lot bigger, but I drew the bottom eyeliner too
straight, I feel, such that my eyes still look very "pointy"... Oh well. Ruki's
the one with all the makeup skills... So this is how I did it!

I actually did my makeup in 2 stages, leaving the house with only base makeup
and basic eye makeup, like this:

Sorry for unclear pics >_<
So, I extended my eyeliner downwards and waaaay further out than normal,
but I guess out of habit it started winging at the end (=_=) I also put on double
eyelid tape though my crease would be hidden by my falsies later. This is cos
genetically, some people like me are born with extra eyelid skin, so it kinda "sags",
especially with age, and mine basically covers half my eye. Like this:

See the difference when I put on the tape? (Not wearing tape on the bottom left pic,
but I am wearing eye makeup.) Yup. My eyelids are still very tapered and
hooded, but short of surgery there's nothing much I can do about it, so... OH WELL.
Oh, and for this look I only used the Dollywink #01 Palette! I LOVE THIS THING.
1000000 thanks to Ruki who bought it for me in Japan (it's slightly cheaper than in
sg Watsons).

For phase 2, I darkened the eye shadow on my crease, and blended it above my
real one. I also lined my bottom lashline away from my actual eye to the halfway point
where my iris is. Sorry, rushing, so no pics! Then, I wore my diamond lashes and
Dollywink #08 Pure Little. I went for thick, spiky top lashes for a more intense look in the
hopes of bringing out my eyes more. I also slapped on more blusher, Candydoll
Strawberry Pink (apples of my cheeks) and Flamingo Pink (blended up cheekbones to

For the lower lashes, I followed my "new" lower lashline and then darkened the area
just below it to make it look more realistic. I didn't really do it too far out, cos I'm still a
newbie at makeup, so a bit scared la. But thus far, this is the biggest my eyes have ever looked, haha (/*0*)/ The lenses helped too! Will review them and the lashes if I have time.
Unfortunately, didn't do as well as I had hoped for my recent exams, so I'll probably be
mugging more. AH WELLS.

Ending off with my post-cos "sexy" faces:


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