Sunday, 21 August 2011

FUWARIE hair styling range

Hello everyone!
ruki here! (all my posts would be in PURPLE)
do you know what happened at Ngee Ann City today?
YES! there was a hairstyling booth at our all time favourite drug store!
the event was to promote the new hair styling range recently brought in by watsons :
i was surfing the internet yesterday when i came across this ad and i knew i HAD to go!
ruki is always up for new hairstyle~ ( ^v^ )
when i went there this evening, i was pleasently surprised that there was hardly a queue.
so i waited a few minutes for the lady before me to finish.
Finally, it was my turn!
The hair stylist was really pretty and she waited patiently for me to decide what kind of hairstyle i wanted to have. I guess i took quite a while cause my sister was getting annoyed and my parents had walked away ...( ・x・ )
but i gave the stylist a rough idea of what i wanted and she started to get me all prettied up~

the results-


bleh, blur picture...

side view

look how curly it still is! this is after 4 hours of applying the hairspray.

back view? forgive my unglam face... ;A;

 i love the bun =w=

hair spray smells really good too! Fruity! 8D

free samples of their styling jam. have yet to try but the packaging is so PRETTY!

overall, i lovelovelove Fuwarie's hair products. The prices are reasonable, it lasts long and does'nt have the stinky hairspray smell!
the kawaii packaging is another big PLUS~!
however im broke at the moment so i would have to give it a pass...

i'll be back for yoooooooooooou!!!! ( ・A・ )


Saturday, 20 August 2011

hello! i am...


We'll like to start off witha short introduction about ourselves~

First, we have Ruka:
happy happy yukata time!! C:

Heyyyys to all the happy people out there, and...
WELCOME TO FUNFUNLAND (aka, Ruka-chan's mind),
where happy squishy pudding blobs live! (/*3*)/

Nice to FINALLY meet you
I love japanese things, anything cute and/or squishy, sweet stuff and YOU!!! ahahaha :D
I like to shop, but i'm always broke ( > A < )



Next, it's Riiko:

E x p o s u r e <3

Hello everyone!
Nice to meet you all

I love POKKA Green Tea and cute stationary items.
Like pretty letter writing paper

I like to MIX&MATCH different types of street fashion,
and i would love to share the results with you !

I hope we can be good friends! ( ^ 3 ^ )

And finally, Ruki:
(oh, look! a RAINBOW! 8D)

Hello everyone! Ruki here  ( ・ⅹ・ )♥
I'm very excited to meet you
I adore the colour purple, gyaru fashion and anything panda.
Absolutely anything.
You could even give me a panda nose ring and I'll treasure it forever.
okay, maybe not anything, but most. ( ♥ 0 ♥ )
I also love hairstyling!
yesyes, I like trying out all sorts of hair-do
so pardon me if some of them look odd ( > V < )
Anyway, it'll be AWESOME to meet you one day!

‐ ruki

So, that's all for now.