Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Birthdays and Rainbow Eyes

Hello again!
This is a belated post dedicated to our dear RIIKO~
Well, last Saturday was RIIKO's birthday! RUKA and I celebrated it with her at Bugis! ♥
The theme was NEON or COLOURFUL so RIIKO, RUKA and I arrived dressed in as many as we can find and still look sane. ( o w o )
So here's some pictures of our ahemshamelessahem camwhore in the NEOPRINT machine we went to:
yes, I know I look ridiculously short here...
grr... I've got more muscles than you!
Riiko and Ruka wanted to do a punching shot but Riiko ended up laughing...
and I'm trying not to smile, but failed. Meh.
yah like my colourful bracelets?
neoprint lighting makes everyone look fairer ;3

final shot, and i was blinking halfway! Gah!

My make up for the day was RAINBOW to match the theme. ( o v o )
here's a close up shot:
i was trying to close my eyes and see if my camera has captured the shot at the same time.
hence, the weird look. bleh

its abit clearer here i guess...

I'm going to post a tutorial here when I do this look again. =w=
Maybe put a little more eyeliner? Hmm...
You should try this make up too! It pretty easy and really fun~

that's all for now, see ya!

♥ ruki

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