Thursday, 15 March 2012

SKIN 79 SUPER+ HOT PINK BB CREAM and more (/*o*)/

It's RUKA again! And yes, as the title states, today, I'll be reviewing the Skin 79 Super+  Beblesh Balm (BB cream) in hot pink!


Ruki was really nice and gave me some sample packs of both the Skin79 VIP GOLD BB Cream and the hot PINK one. LIKE THAT:

It looks tiny, but there's actually QUITE A LOT of product inside ^^

Basically, my skin tone is pretty dark for an Asian (Chinese, at least). I'm about Mac's NC30 - NC35. Anyhoo, I was always disappointed by the small range of skin tones that most BB creams cater to 'cos I usually end up looking like a ghost (oAo) So I was really happy when I heard that this particular BB cream was supposed to change colour to suit skin tones.

I used the hot pink one and was a little worried at first when I applied it and it was freaking WHITISH-GRAY, but after 10-15 minutes, when i had finished applying all my eye makeup, blush, etc, it was nearly the perfect colour. I say "nearly" as it was actually a little whiter than my skin, but not too much, so was really glad about that since my face is pretty dark...

Application wise, it goes on pretty smoothly and blends really well, unlike some other BB creams that turn splotchy and uNeVeN when you don't blend it in fast in enough. Also, a little bit goes a LOOOONG way for this product(: It also gives the skin a nice, smooth, almost porcelain effect. I applied Sephora mineral powder in D25 (if I remember correctly, it's called Champagne) and Canmake Powder Cheeks in PW23 and Benefit lip gloss on top of it, and I must say, the completed look was really satisfactory for me (^V^)v

All in all,
Colour -- 9.5/10 (bloody awsome, I LOVE IT)
Packaging -- 7/10 (not bad, but the bright pink kinda hurts my eyes...)
"Lasting power" -- 8.5/10 (lasted pretty well from 1pm to ~10pm)
Value for money -- 8/10 (~SGD40 @ Watsons stores, pretty worth it for such and awesome product)

So, here are some pictures!!
Before: redness, uneveness & bumps... /: Bleh

After: Smoother, "whiter" ;D

Somehow, I think this photo is really glam.

Ruki & I @ Shunji Matsu salon, Heeren

I had a nice cup of iced chocolate from Spinelli's(:
Not bad, but Starbuck's Chocolate Chip Frappacino still wins for me.

And this was my outfit for the day, in case you were wondering ;P
Sleeveless lace vest + floral print tank top -- Korea
Belt -- Nichii (Vivo City)
Skirt -- Cotton On
Sling bag -- Anne Kline (Korea)
Brown boots -- Japan

Overall, it was a really fun day. We met up with a couple of friends, Crystal and Maisarah, at Bugis Junction after that. We took neoprints (as usual, heh heh) and ate Pastamania! \o/

Oh, and on a random side note, this is my new computer wallpaper!

The guys of STARRY SKY

 Till next time,